Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ceallach Lives!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is alive, despite many rumors to the contrary. It's been cuhrazy round these parts, what with starting a(nother) new job, adding a new client to the business, and other events surrounding this time of year, including something called Christ Mass.

Oh, and if anyone sees my digital cameras, they are AWOL. Please drop me a line and I will send the Yarn Police round to take them into custody.

Would you believe that 2 digital cameras have disappeared in the last fortnight?


Bezzie said...

Two cameras AWOL? A spliter group of the Underpants Gnomes might be stealing cameras now.

Batty said...

They're hiding out with your lost stitch markers and tape measures. It's a mass breakout.

Glad to see you back!