Friday, January 11, 2008

Cameras in custody

So the cameras have turned up at Grandma's house....don't ask how they got there. But I do think I overheard them talking about a digital photo of a remote control plane as a mode of transportation.

No pictures yet, as I started a new job on New Year's's a good one, and the bestest part EVAH was that I get to telecommute 2 days a week. It has not settled down to that yet, but it's been two weeks. It's a lot to take in, new commute, new city, new company, new schedule, new business. So I am trying very hard to take it easy, but it is killing me. I wanted to be past that whole noob thing, so that I can refocus on the business and the book.

Although have ya noticed the decided lack of sunlight lately....honestly, what is it? Winter or something??

Tomorrow I am off to lovely downtown Long Beach to check out TNNA. I may be vending there in the near future and so I am on a reconnaissance mission. I understand that they will teach me the ultra super duper secret handshake when I get there.

The cameras though will stay at home.

I don't wanna blow my cover.


Bezzie said...

Yeah aren't cameras taboo there? Probably best they went to granny's for a bit...

Batty said...

Drat! And here I thought we were going to see glimpses of secrets only revealed to the TNNA insider... oh, well.

Ceallach said...


And honestly, I don't want to reveal any secrets, as it is a violation of trade confidentiality etc etc etc.

Suffice it to say, that there are some fabulous things coming out!

Like, there is this new hand dyer coming on the market who solar dyes all of her yarns for sale....what an idea??