Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yarn Pr0n!

I have been recently remiss in posting pictures of things. This is not an indication of my being really lazy and eating bonbons while watching day time television.

It is simply that I have been very busy trying to recover from some things that have happened in the last month, regroup as well as attend to things needing it. But at last, I have made it through the list to the entry marked blog entry, with a little list of things to be photog'd for the entry. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Here we have some Jacob handspun that I finally finished. There is 9 ounces there, and I got 800+ yards. One would think that there should be more yardage since it's like a DK weight, but there it is.

Ain't it lovely!?
Next we have Debby, the debouillet fleece that I finally finished spinning. This fleece was much abused, dragged through cacti in the NM desert for two years, travelled to my region of space, washed, dyed on the combs, and rose again on the 3rd year as this luscious yarn, I think that there is 400 yards, which is measley indeed for the work that went into it. I do have another ball of Debby round someplace, but I like this skein better.
Mini-shawl in Ceallach Dyes Tanzanite Mist Lace. I only have one more skein of this luscious yarn, which is better shown on the website. Of course, if you are in Los Altos, CA, Hollis of Full Thread Ahead would love to show you this yarn as well. (You may have to fight her for it, though, given how she was petting it when I left her store)
This is another sample of the lace in a new product, the big announcement to come later. The pattern for this one is the Leaf Lace shawl by Evelyn Clark.

Some cotton yarn recycled from a sweater that hid in fear in the back of my closet for several years. I pulled it out recently when cleaning said closet and ripped it back. The yarn was Plymouth Gypsy, a cotton and viscose blend perfect for California weather.

A rather fuzzy picture of the flag sweater underway for DS. He loves flags and wanted a flag sweater. Ergo the picture. Only thing left are the sleeves, one all in blue and one in red and white stripes.

Yes, there are 13 stripes, yes the blue field starts upon the correct stripe, intarsia, which was not as bad as one might think without the intarsia keyplate for the Bond, and stars will be embroidered on.

A preview of the sweater that has to be peiced and seamed.
And that is all for now.

The Rock is home wiht the chillin's and we are off for flu shots.


Bezzie said...

Ooo...tanzanite mist twinkles!

ummhayaat said...

I love how you call your husband the rock. He sounds like such a great support!