Friday, November 09, 2007

Take action now.

I subscribe to a number of lists on solar power and renewable energy.

I got this email today from Adam Browning of Vote Solar:

If the crushing of hope were a renewable resource, then this Congress would
be on the cutting edge of the clean energy revolution. As it is, though,
we have a red alert. Congressional leadership is dropping the ball on
renewable energy, and we need your help to get back on track.
On Thursday morning, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi decided to drop the renewable energy standard out of the energy bill and drop the tax title. No tax title means no extension of the investment tax credit for solar, and no extenstion of the
production tax credit for wind.
Let's see: nothing for solar, plus nothing for wind, hmmm, add no renewable energy standard, carry the zero; yep, that adds up to precisely nothing for renewable energy.

Got that?

Congressional leadership is moving an energy bill with nothing in it for renewable energy. Dropping the biggest pro-solar provision this country has ever seen, just when the industry is gaining momentum and making an impact.

We've got maybe 24 hours to turn this around. We suggest calling until the Capitol switchboard melts. Can you ask your representative to pass the renwable energy message to Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi? A suggested script might go like this:

"Hi. My name is__. I, and 90% of America, would like more renewable energy. It's
not a tough call, since it's pretty clear that the future of the world depends
on it. So, please tell Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi to include a 8-year
extension for the solar investment tax credits in the energy bill. Thank

You can find your representative's contact information here. Call the Washington
office. Additional talking points include: Clean energy means jobs and energy independence. America needs carbon-free renewable energy, now.
The fight against global warming will only be won by a transition to
renewable energy. The energy bill must extend investment tax credits for

Our future depends on some strong leadership. Isn't that what leaders are supposed to do?

Many thanks.

So if you feeling strongly about living well, breathing and eating, please make a phone call today.

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Batty said...

I can't even vote, but I definitely agree.