Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take Blog Action!

I came across this thanks to Sade in #knitty chat.

The premise is simple. What if everyone thought about the same thing on the same day? What if that thing was one word, one concept? Could it change the world, the universe? Could it make a difference? Can One word make a difference?

Thus Blog Action Day

And you too can participate. Just go to the link and register to participate. They will remind you two days before that you are to blog, and then remind you for next year. That's it.

The catch is that on that day, you must blog about that one word. Now I don't know about you all, but I feel strongly about that one word, strongly but somewhat helpless, and some of you know this about me. It drives a good portion of my thoughts, time and energy.

But now that there is pressure to commit something to the ether(net) and make it meaningful on a particular day and a particular topic. I am thinking ahead of course, to avoid freeze-up, but the pressure, oh, the pressure.

So stay tuned.

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