Monday, September 17, 2007

It's Fall, and the Leaves are Falling!

Well, no not really, but look what's happened at my house! This is the Leaf Lace shawl from Evelyn Clark, well no not really, but made you look.

Actually, I recently picked up her Triangle Lace Shawls booklet at Lacis and it got me going....way going, and the shawl was done shortly after getting home from Beantown this weekend. Then I blocked it and


I get it now. It's very cool. And now that I know the pattern I want to put it on everything...Yup, I have yarn to for a poncho, leaves.

Yup, yarn for Littlest's sweater.


Well no not really. But almost.

Littlest's sweater will have hearts on it. I just need to find the pattern in the stitch dictionary.

But which one was it in again?

So back from Beantown. Business trip sucked.

But I had Lobstah for dinnah.

And the next night I went to Mind's Eye yarns for knitting, got a ride home from a lovely woman with a genuine Bawstonian clip.

And had Lobstah for dinnah.

The next night I went to Windsor Button and found some yarn, some buttons and the handles that I have been searching for my entire life for the carpet bag stowed away in the sewing room.

Then I went for a horse drawn carriage ride. It was very nice, but would have been better with someone. My thanks to BPD Officer Terence Patrick O'Neill for a lovely evening, the police escort and the directions back to Faneuil Hall. I hope your partner is not too pissed at you for abandoning him at Downtown Crossing where the steam pipe broke.

(Only you all get to decide how tongue in cheek I am!)

But back to Faneuil Hall....Where I had Lobstah for dinnah with my good friend Vinnie.

Yes, really.


Bezzie said...

Oooo! Those are pretty leaves!!

POPT said...

Very nice leaves! Have you had enough lobstah for a while?

Ceallach said...

I could easily have lobstah anytime, but would like different sides.....

zippiknits said...

lobstah! And that is a beautiful shawl pattern. I must have it! ;o) Going to look for it right after posting.

Lorri said...

I love any type of leaf pattern. We used to live in Boston. Brings back memories.

knitty, witty, woo ( Tracey) said...

That is one gorgeous shawl.