Saturday, September 08, 2007

BeanTown, Here I come!

I am off to Beantown on Monday for getting a client going on their new system. I plan to go to Mind's Eyes knitting group on Wednesday evening and Windsor Button on Thursday evening. Maybe a little shopping at Faneuil Hall on all depends on how things go, I guess. I don't know if Newbury yarns will be open when I am free.....but time will tell.

Of course, I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head....

Apparently, another client has asked that I go to Belarus a couple times a year to meet with the project team and so it looks like international travel may become the norm. Of course, I told the CEO that I fully intended to make stops along the way to see more of Europe, which he said was a fabulous idea. Seems that the flight to Belarus is 25 hours, which I dont' believe since it's only 19 to Sydney and about 20 to Delhi, and Belarus is just the other side of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. It's only what? 9 hours to London, and that just don' add up.

Update: I checked the itineraries to fly to Minsk, and apparently they go by way of Moscow, or by way of Vienna AND Frankfurt. Not sure why, because Vienna and Frankfurt are not so far apart, and the itineraries I have seen for folks at work went via Prague somehow. Anyway, the big problem with travelling now, is that you can't hardly go anywhere without stopping somewhere you have already been.....which is just so droll.....LOL

I also applied for a job at another local company recently that seems to be offering a substantial pay increase, so what the heck!?


Bezzie said...

Maybe they're counting layovers? Or maybe they have mandatory weird-butt layovers. They fly you to Taiwan, Bangkok, London and THEN Belarus. It takes 14-15 hours to get to Anchorage from Newark, so I'd believe it.

Batty said...

Have fun! Stop by Newbury Yarns too if you have time, they have a great selection and aren't overpriced (as one would expect from the name/location of the place). And if you're in Cambridge anyway, I'd check out Woolcott's too.

Always glad to enable!