Friday, August 03, 2007

Reported UFOs are a Hoax!


According to recent sources, a number of UFOs have been sighted hovering over a house northeast of San Francisco, CA. One UFO was reported as being black making it very difficult to see at night but easily seen in the bright sunlight of day.

Ceallach of the SF Bay area told this reporter that it did look like a UFO, but also states that other UFOs have been spotted in the area by other knitters but no one could ever substantiate the rumor. While this reporter was speaking to Ceallach in the sewing room of her home, a black waistcoat appeared on the dress form standing in the corner. It was apparently machine knit in the body and trimmed with crochet resembling traditional granny squares. Upon closer inspection by the local knitting authorities, it was revealed as being knit from DB cotton angora in black, lending a nice hand to the sweater, and is closed with two ties tipped with beads from a recycled costume necklace inherited from Ceallach great grand aunt.

And here is a detail photo of the side inserts of 3 granny squares crocheted into the sweater.

Ceallach went on to say that there had been reports of other UFOs in the area, including a triangular mass of color and white boucle, but upon closer inspection these reports also proved unsubstantiated, as the alleged UFO was in fact a completed work of knitting.

The knitting was done with 6 balls of Noro Airisu at 50 yds per 50g skein of silk and cotton boucle with rayon fibers stranded with it. The sweater was knit from the top down witha garter stitch and crocheted edge on the bodice, and a 1x1 rib on the body to provide some drape.

Detail of the bodice:
Finally, Ceallach showed us a shawl that she knit in three evenings with some handspun Blue faced leicester dyed, spun and stashed years before, with an edge of tailspun Cotswold locks. The knitting progressed quickly and resulted in a much larger shawl than expected for the amount of yarn.

Ceallach was finally quoted as saying: "There are no UFO's in my house and any reports to the contrary are completely exaggerated and fallacious. That's my story and I am sticking to it."


Batty said...

Lovely! I'm absolutely stunned to discover that granny squares can look sexy!

I'm also impressed with the shawl made all out of handspun. It's so even and lacy-looking, not at all lumpy.

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Too funny! I love that black sweater!

POPT said...

My house is full of UFO's!!!! Call the feds!!!

zippiknits said...

The Black sweater and the tank are lovely. I like that ribbed shaping from the waist down on the tank. Beautiful yarns, too.