Sunday, June 03, 2007


I got an SUI this weekend. Well actually, I was not spinning but operating Valkyrie combs to comb up the last of the Debouillet fleece that I have, and am keen to get spun up.

What is an SUI you ask.

Spinning under the influence.

Yep that's me.

Treadles to Threads Guild has Spinning at the Winery every June. This was the 10th such event. It all started with getting some local shepherds to bring fleeces to show to the spinners to possibly purchase. Then vendors got involved, including Carolina Homespun. And it's held at a winery. I was delighted to see Christine aka CPURL17 or dilldallyknitter and Kristin of LeftCoastKnits fame. It was really great to see them too, and take the roadside tests for SUIs together!

And the best part is that the winery will cork a bottle and provide glasses for you. How can you go wrong?

Oh, and one last thing about the California Wine country. They have developed a vine that grows spindles..... No really, here's a picture to prove it to you.

Now I know that someone is going to ask.

Unfortunately, all you high-whorlers will have to wait. For now the rare spindle vine grows only low whorl fruit. I understand that a hybrid mid whorl vine is under development.

Oh, as for shopping, I got some fiber, no fleece. The fiber was a merino cross ribbon roving, with a cream and a moorit strip; and some pine green roving from Morro Fleece Works. This roving is 60% Rambouillet, 25% mohair and 15% suri alpaca from Lyle. It's gorgeous.

Bezzie, Littlest is 2 and some bit. Sadly there is not enough yarn for a dress, but p'haps a halter top, it being more for the season anyway.

Cami Report: Cami is done, but I should have knit it not in white, but in camo, so as not to attract the attention from The Rock, who practically assaulted me even before the straps were knit. I am not taking pics of the final yet, as I am not sure I won't rip back the bottom and give it a different treatment than it got already. I did an open work crochet, but am thinking that a Van Dyke lace panel knit sideways and then grafted on would be better.

He(the Rock) is of the mind that straps are somehow extraneous, but I knit them in secret today. (NOW I know that I am obsessed with knitting. I am knitting straps for garments in secret, lest my husband have me committed. I don't think the harlot ever considered this.) Now I need some of those little dumaflotchies that allow you to adjust straps on undergarments. If anyone knows someone, drop me a line, would ya? I did however peruse my bras to see if one could be sacrificed at the Altar of the Way Trendier Knit Camisole.

No such luck.


Bezzie said...

Hee! I was just about to suggest cannibalizing an old bra. But don't they sell those dumaflotchies (love that word) in sewing stores?

Trillian42 said...

Looks like you guys had a great day! And what a lucky find, that spindle vine. ;)

You should be able to find bra hardware at any JoAnn's or other normal fabric store, AFAIK.

Batty said...

SUI is better than KUI. Particularly when it's lace!

cpurl17 said...

At least you didn't dump a glass of perfectly good wine while SUI! :)