Friday, June 01, 2007

Cami progress

So the camisole that I started on Sunday, was it really just sunday is almost done. I am amazed by two things:

1. How blazingly fastalicious it is! No really, It's almost done, I finished the 3rd skein of yarn this morning, and the cami is to my- well- just there. Any longer and it will be a dress.

2. How little yarn it is using. Yes, exactly. The yarn is Jo Sharp Soho Summer that I got eons ago, and there is 109 yds per 50g ball. I just finished the 3rd ball. I plan to use the 4 th ball to crochet an edge around the bottom, as crochet is much easier for me to do lacey things in than knitting.

But here's the downer. I started this because I wanted to reduce stash and knit up 5 balls of yarn. I will only be using three which means that I still have one balls to knit up into something. I am considering a similar camisole for Littlest, at DH's recommendation. Well actually his recommendation was to make her a dress, which in fact was the original plan for the yarn, but I don't have enough for that.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome of course.


Batty said...

Fast and not too hard on the yarn is a good thing. You'll find something to do with the rest!

Bezzie said...

A dress would be cute. How old is Littlest?