Sunday, April 15, 2007

Latest S.E.X

Many of you know by now that I tend to buy yarn at either events or while travelling. I am just weird that way.

You may also know that I was recently in Skandahuvia, which is prime country for S.E.X. For all that these countries are thought to be very expensive, their yarn prices are quite good. If you go to the right place.

The first acquisition is a Mermaid kit from Sommerfuglen in Copenhagen. The picture here is of the finished article. I have the yarn as well, but the photo has gone AWOK (Absent WithOut Knitting). It should be noted though that I paid something like 40% of US MSRP for this, by getting it in Copenhagen.

Next is some mercerized cotton that I got for like 3 bucks each that I plan to knit a shell with. It's wanting feather and fan, but that may change. This is from Strikke in Gothenburg.

Here is some yarn that I got at a yarn store that I stumbled across called Sypus. I got two skeins for the price of one skein at SommerFuglen, but did not get the 25% VAT back because Sypus does not participate in the program. Regardless, I still came out ahead. Some linen picked up at Strikke in Gothenburg. I plan to make a summer poncho with it. And some Garnstudio sock yarn that was like 2.75 USD. Honest.

And that is the way it is folks.
But while doing this shopping, it occurred to me that maybe I should write an article on yarn shopping while on the road. I actually have a good part of it written in my head, but need to get it down on paper....Let me know if you think that is a good idea.


Jeannie said...

By all means, WRITE IT! This is a need that really should be filled. In the days when I used to travel a lot on business, I was totally hopeless at finding yarn or yarn shops (and if I did, it was pure dumb luck).

Bezzie said...

I swear all of Europe is yarn mecca. I've got my German SIL back home shopping for yarn for me. SEX by proxy!
I would love to hear what you have to say about SEX on the road ;-)

JL said...

i love this range of color.

cotton is my mean source of yarn to knit in this hot n humid weather.

Sarah said...

hey...been a while. Just saying hi and seeing how you're doing!