Friday, April 13, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

How I miss you all and miss writing on my blog!

Hell, how I miss knitting. Because while I have been doing it here and there, I am so dang travel-weary at the moment, that I have the attention span of a gnat hitting a windsheild, and the headache to match.

I did last night come home finally from the last of the trips in the foreseeable future, making the total 9 airports in 3 countries and 5 states in the last month.

I am tired.

I want to spend time with my kids, lay in the sun, dye some wool, knit a nice shawl, and spend a weekend not packing or shopping or doing something related to travel.

But the truth is I am falling apart a bit now....maybe it's fatigue, too much bouncing around, or having to deal with this client at work who is another leading world bank. I don't know. Perhaps delayed reaction? Who knows?

You see the strangest things on billboards overseas......

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Jeannie said...

Gorgeous stuff (referring to what you have brought back). Also -- in reference to your former employers, fuck 'em! We have had the same feeling about the same organization for some time now and are planning to move our accounts to an establishment that knows how to show appreciation for our business.