Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

I am no longer employed starting today, which makes this the first day of the rest of my life!

Can I just say how fabulous I feel? Mind you, I am a little worried about direction and money and making ends meet, but I am not having heart palpitations, tachycardia, insomnia, depressions, or anxiety. For that, I am grateful.

Last night, I wrapped up my resume after procrastinating on it for a week, and have given it to some folks for proofing. Personally I think it looks fabulous, but I now have to set it aside for a bit before taking another look. Some friends have given me their resumes for reference, and the form of mine is quite refined. The content is nice as well.

Funny thing though. A friend from work from ages ago who I let know I was in the market sent me an email to send my resume to him. It's a telecom job, so I have to work it up a bit, but more important is the tail spin that I went into at the thought of working for his company and unit who contract to my previous employer. The thought is terrifying. How crazy is that? I will go ahead and work up a TC resume though just in case, and there may something else in TC that comes up and I will need a resume handy for it. I may even send it to him, just in the interest of keeping options open.

On the knitting front, absolutely nothing to report. I have thought about my knitting, I have even looked at it, and carry a sock in my purse. That's it.

However, I am just finished spinning some cashmere last night, and am planning on plying it to come.

Cheers to everyone!


Bezzie said...

You'll do fine! But now you've reminded me I need to update my resume!! Ah the illustrious job hunt!

Zanne said...

Yay You! for looking at the bright side of things rather than dwelling on the bad. It always helps to look at the new opportunities rather than the downside eof things. Good luck on your job search!

Batty said...

Congratulations! Here's to new beginnings and better prospects. Having a friend ask for your resume is a good sign.