Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time for Inventory

Being of sound mind and relatively sound body, and being the new year, wherein one evaluates one's priorities, position and prospects, I hereby begin this year's inventory.

Naturally, in conducting an inventory of this nature, one should start at the beginning. In this particular case, the beginning lies somewhere in the Year of Our Lord Two thousand and six.

What we accomplished in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Six:

1. The inception of a business in the needle arts, wherein we solar dye yarns and fibers. Said business website can be found at Ceallach Dyes, including building a website, website stats etc.

2. The completion of various knitting projects to be inventoried under separate cover;

3. The completion of various spinning projects to be likewise inventoried;

4. The consolidation of various bills under one bill for liquidation at my earliest convenience;

5. The introduction of the first fruit of my loins to the high society of first grade;

6. The adoption of a new spinning wheel to be also announced formally under separate cover;

7. The introduction of beaded stitch markers to;

8. The beginning of a book;

9. The publication of a pattern on the reputable and illustrious online knitting magazine knitty

10. The complete annihilation of any dignity, esteem or other positive feeling for one's self through the effects of excessive weight gain and physical sloth, job stresses, loneliness, and other obstacles that could not be easily overcome in the heart and mind and so depressed the spirit as to affect one's outward demeanor in mean ways;

11. The start of natural dyeing as a process using some of my garden plants to dye with.


Imagine what I could have done, were it not for #10.

And now, being of sound body even after that little debacle at the office today wherein a fire was reported and the inhabitants of the building must needs evacuate to avoid singed eyebrows down 13 flights of stairs, and somewhat sound mind (after #10), I hereby resolve the following changes in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Seven, which my father have sayeth promises to be a very good year indeed being odd in number (Years odd in number being apparently crucial to good luck and positive change.):

1. To build said business up in stature, first by the acceptance of certain methods of payments accomplished this 2nd day of January; second, by the introduction of the product at key fairs, especially the Winery, Lambtown, Black Sheep and others to be determined; third, the introduction of a sock yarn;

2. To continue knitting, but to increase personal skill to include Fair Isle knitting, lace, and other skills yet to be conquered;

3. To increase spinning skill to include the making of cashmere and quiviut into yarn to be used for warm and snuggly projects. While I have spun these fibers, I have not spun up the portions currently enstashed or entombed in stash, as the case may be. To complete spinning of at least one fleece before the acquisition of another;

4. The elimination of current bills at the fastest rate possible for the current financial situation. Key to this is reducing the acquisition of yarn, fiber and other non-essential supplies. Wherever possible, said non-essential supplies should be used from aforementioned tomb or stash, or at deep sale prices;

5. Get to know the new neighbors and their child to encourage the further introduction of first fruit of said loins into society;

6. The complete and utter breaking in of said spinning wheel.

7. The completion of aforementioned book proposal and selling of book proposal to an publishing house;

8. The completion of said book;

9. The continuation of publication of designs online to support habits mentioned in sections 2 and 3.

10. The migration of all current blogs to the new version of Blogger-with one complete and several others to go.

11. The complete shedding of at least twenty more pounds from my humble body;

12. A new exercise program that will include swimming regularly, yoga and some weekend exercise with the collective fruit of my loins and the love of my life. I also want to swim a mile for the Women's Cancer Research Center in October.....I missed it last year, but will plan on it this year.

13. The restoration of my faith in my job and workplace;

14. The completion of a professional certification called PMP;

15. Potentially, the restoration of myself to Toastmasters International and completion of my Advanced Toastmaster Silver certificate;

16. The research and careful application of more constructive child-rearing techniques to build self-esteem and strengthen the spirits of my lovely children.

17. The application of key practices at home to reduce overall cost of living such as a more extensive vegetable garden, better care of the fruit trees (not to be confused with the aforementioned fruit of the loins, which may not be pruned) and the planting of key fiber and dye plants.

18. Completion of projects around the house that have stagnated before they begun, including organizing the garage, terracing the hill and others that shall remain nameless.

19. Exercise the loom more vigorously on a regular basis.

20. Heal the spirit and thereby find esteem, dignity, and strength where it seemed there was none.

And there is the complete inventory.


Bezzie said...

Probably the longest but yet most eloquent list I've seen yet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Off all the issues, healing your self-esteem is the most important. When our self-esteem is high, we feel fabulous and look fabulous at any weight. It's not just a cliche, it's true.

Shed the pounds if you want or need to. But you're a great person as is. Emotional eating is a pain in the butt. Knitting helps keep your hands occupied and is a good way to stay out of the fridge!

Zonda said...

Wow! Loved that! Thanks for sharing and giving us all a bit to think of!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kelly, GREAT DESIGN, can'y wait to see the bag up on Knitty.

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