Friday, October 06, 2006

Civil Bitch

Civil Bitch writes about 5 wonderful about her husband things....

So what do I like about myhusband? Bearing in mind of course, that the things we love most can sometimes annoy as well.

1. He is the gentlest man I heart, body and soul.
2. He is also a feminist. There are no issues about womens right, right of choice, equal rights.
3. He is an excellent father, and has no issues with being a stay at home dad.....that's right, he has no issues, but I do.....
4. He is a completely dedicated family man, wanting to take care of everyone.
5. He loves to travel, and sees no problem with hauling the kids wherever.

Shelly, this could not come at a better time....yesterday I was questioning my devotion to the Rock, so you meme is timely, my dear!


Bezzie said...

I love the name you call him--that's great!!!

Ceallach said...

Bezzie, that is the literal meaning of his given name!