Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Knitting is out...or is it?

Thanks to Rachel Knitter on Knitter's Review I am blogging this article:


You know, I think that things like knitting play a real role in society and that will grow as we have more and more integration of technology into our lives.....technology both makes things more accessible, and makes us want to do things not involving technology as an escape from it. (How many of us work on computers all day and then completely avoid them at night?) This will only increase as people start to see the tech as a tool, and not an end in and of itself....technology for technology's sake will lead us nowhere, but applied tech is very hot!

I also think that at some point, any hobby reaches critical mass, and becomes so mainstream as to be above trends. With 53 million knitters in this country, I think we are almost there....especially with so many men knitting now, as well. Especially if the hobby is not some kind of aesthetic masturbation like much of the greater 'arts' scene, but actually serves a purpose, a function in our lives....providing us with entertainment, food for thought, epicurean delight, or warmth for the soul or body.

We are in fact seeing this kind of explosion on the handspinning side now....think pluckyfluff....there is a new kind of revival happening, as the knitters start to learn to spin. I predict a revival of weaving as a result of the spinning revival.....

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Bezzie said...

Everything seems to be a pendulum. It will probably go out of style, but give it a few years/decades and it will be back again.

I agree with your spinning remark though. And at least I know how to weave primary-school style--I can get in on the next trend ;-)