Monday, September 25, 2006

The Ends of the Earth

I have been to the ends of the really, I have. Just not since the last blog entry, despite the rather long length of the hiatus since.

Not really the end of the earth, but three knittish friends and I went to Alameda, Ca to the store called Yarn! which is going out of business for a little sale shopping.....and I won the shopping prize, which means absolutely nothing except that I earned the respect and sympathy of my yarn-hunting peers. What did I get you may ask?

Hmmmm, several skeins of Waikiki, Cotton Chenille for facecloths (at least 3 skeins of which are for Mom), her last skein of SeaSilk in a green and bronze colorway, some MonkeyStix and Sweaters from later. Oh and a pattern for the Flower Basket Shawl for my little lost skeins of Koigu in the happy colors.

However, I can say that we have had a LeftCoastKnitter sighting. You all know Christine of course from a Yarn Encounter of Third Kind, but in the photo is Left Coast Knitter (she is on the left). Janet from Chocolate and Raspberries was also there, but declined to be photographed. (Actually it was more of a threat of dire consequences that utterly convinced us.)

Finally, I also have to say that I got my last package from the One Skein Angel.....she is a teacher in Maine, is totally sympathetic to the whole equal marriage rights thing and sent me this:

The next 3 photos are of the Debouilllet fleece that LeftCoastKnitter and I split years this fleece has a story. We contacted the seller on eBay and asked about this fleece, which apparently was a 2 year cut.....because the normal bearer had managed to elude the shearer for at least one year. The bearer also lived and roamed freely in the New Mexico wilds and managed to pick up every cactus pine East of Arizona in the wool. The only way to recover the fleece is to comb it. Recently, on knitty, someone was looking for this breed....of course I put my hand up and sent two samples to the poster and an enthusiastic mod. They did have fair warning that the fleece had many prickly bits, but was quite lovely regardless.

Having retreived the fleece from the stash where it languished after being subjected to the last bits of some dye from a dye day with the aforementioned LeftCoastKnitter, I decided that I should start to comb it for spinning. That brings us to the first photo which is of the washed and dyed wool, unprocessed in its entirety.

The next photo is of me combing said fleece with my 2 pitch viking combs. Notice the long lusciousness that is the fiber. And here is a basketful of nests of combed fiber that is ready to be spun. I still have quite a bit of it to comb, having at least 9 ounces left to comb. All photo credits to Little Hill.Here is one of the California Golden Poppies from my yard. Little Hill and I spent the day taking photos in the backyard. The digital camera is excellent for letting him learn the basics of photo framin gand composition. Instant feedback with the little display allows young minds to absorb the information and what they are really doing. So I was giving him assignments to do, allowing me to comb to my heart's content, and then check his work.

The student has apparently surpassed the teacher. At 6 years old.

That's all for now.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Wow - your son took that pic? He did a great job! Beautiful!