Sunday, July 02, 2006

CeallachKnits has a new look!

Here is a new look for the site....and to celebrate, a small contest.

Where in the world is that photo from? Name the site and country of location.

The winner gets a skein of hand-dyed yarn!

The deadline date is July 31.


trek said...

Co. Meath

cpurl17 said...

Trek beat me to it but I was going to guess Newgrange as well. I've been there and it's amazing.

Congrats on the new look!

Heatherly said...

my guess is malta. they look a little like something in a picture my husband took while he was there. watch, it will be like the easter islands or something more tribal.

Connie said...

Hate to be a follower, but I'd have to say Newgrange in Ireland as well. I've been to the southwest part but not the north as of yet....definately in the future.

eric said...

I would guess the previous posters are correct as to the location and it is beautiful but you might want to consider the readability of the text over the picture. Sure is preaty wish I could visit!