Monday, June 12, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal

I got my first Secret Pal package last week, but due to the aforementioned issues with Blogger was unable to post the here it is.... with black spray over the addys to protect the innocent, although some would argue that I am far from innocent!

The card, which is VERY cute....knitting and cats go together, well like knitting and cats!

And inserted into the card are these little stickers of itty bitty pudgie people....How Cute!

And to help me navigate the slings and arrows of redheadedness, a Handbook!

Yes, Redheads have their own handbook! Who knew!? But really, since I read it cover to cover that night, it is pretty interesting. Did you know that a very high number of American Presidents have been redheads, but that the last one was Ike? Maybe that is what we have been doing wrong, we have been voting for non-redheads and *gasp* putting them into office!

So in the best interest of American politics, I am announcing my candidacy for PotUS. Now, I need to find a party to nominate me.

And *****drum roll*****

3 skeins of Claudia MY COLORS. Secret Pal done good! She picked the very colors that I would have selected! And in a yarn that would be a indulgence for me! How did she know!

But of course, I am looking at this luscious yarn and thinking that I have not the foggiest clue what to do with it. There is like 182 yards per, making it like 600 yards. A tanktop, a scarf, Clapotis, what to do? So Suggestions are very welcome from anyone that has a fantastic idea.



the package did not contain any of the following:

Brightly colored high heels with translucent plastic spikes to wear with my fish net stockings.

A refill of either my condom collection or the recreational pharmaceuticals to refresh my cheap 'work' purse.

OR other sleazy accoutrements to help me do my day job which consists of slaving for money, making me a member of the worlds second largest women's club.

Disclaimer: Despite literary references pertaining to the sex worker industry, the author does not currently work in that august industry, nor does he/she have any previous association with that industry, other than to walk past a strip club in Bangkok once on the way back to his/her hotel from the temple.


Left Coast Knitter said...
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Left Coast Knitter said...

Mmmmmm Claudia Handpaint.... yum.

My secret word test to post has been rejected twice already to post this! Maybe I need more coffee?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like your secret pal box!
Your spoiler