Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Damn you, Blogger!

I have been trying unsuccessfully to post for a week. In fact, I had a brilliant post, with many photos written and hit post, at which point it all went pear-shaped.

So,Blogger(tm), I shake my fist at you for being down when I needed you. I pay good money to use your services.

Oh,right, it's free.

Finished Object Alert!

Here is the finished shawl started from two skeins of Colinette purchased abroad.

Here is a detail of the crocheted edging

And a detail of the center increases

Ill Gotten Bootie!

Here are pictures of my ill gotten bootie from the Winery previously mentioned. The first lovely item is 4 ounces of Cross Patch Creations......

Here is the sample of the fleece I got. I am sharing this with Carolyn from the guild, and it went home with Shari from Morro Fleece Works. It's merino and the sheep was Starla.

And the 4 ounces of alpaca ....
The green fiber that I got and spun already.

And the spindle that I purchased which I do not have photos of at this moment. It has a mammoth tusk whorl and several shafts that are supposed to be interchangeable, but somehow mine are not. I have determined that the hole is about 3/16" of an inch, but the dowels of that size do not picture for the moment, as Blogger is fritzing again with photos....go figure.

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Left Coast Knitter said...

Ooh, I am so glad that you got the Totally Tubular kit- I always want to get that, but then I think "no, kits are for sissies" and don't get it. I am such a dope, huh? I want to see it spun up, because I am going to get it one day!

My test word is ezkvuamt- I think it is a massege from aliens. Klatuu barada niktor! Ezkvuamt!