Thursday, June 15, 2006

Somewhere in the Med...

There floats a ship sorely in need of some order, upon which rides the Panopticon and Dolores. You simply MUST read this entry, it is hilarious!

Anyway, other than Franklin's most recent entry, this day is shaping up to be totally blase. I completed the second blue sock last night, and now get to put the heels in.

I am on vacation from work starting the 23rd for two weeks, and had originally planned to go camping for a few days, but now I am thinking that I should do nothing but stay home and enjoy the family, get some sleep and rest. I also would like to clean up the sewing room, and possibly spend a lot of time spinning since it's so relaxing.

I think the main part of this overwhelming weariness is simply lack of sleep, and what sleep I do get is interrupted. Take last night for instance.

I came home from knitting and went to bed about 11:40 (which admittedly is late) and then Sis woke me up for nana at 12:35, because she missed it before bed. Then at about 4:25a, she took a dive off the bed, while crawling around in her sleep like she does. After scooping her up and back into bed, she woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:17, much to my uncontained delight. More nana, then I sent her out to find dada, but she took a pitstop at the cat bowl which is in the bottom of the back of the hall closet, which is supposed to be latched but apparently Bro' did not do short pitstop to eat some cat food, which contains ash. So crawl out of bed to latch the door and send her on her way to Dada. Back into bed and close my eyes, at which point a feline finds something entertaining and starts scrambling around the bedroom rug, managing somehow to sound like a sick water buffalo in its death throes. A quick hiss has no effect whatsoever.....

So yet another night of not enough sleep.

See ya.


Janet said...

The link to the sock yarn didn't work. What is the name of it again? I'll look it up on the site that way.

Ceallach said..., its called Elann Collection Esprit. Let me know if you order, cause I am thinking of getting a couple balls too!