Friday, June 16, 2006

Flat Scout, cotton, heel-sickness, and photocopiers!

You too can host Flat Scout, who is one hot babe! Just go here, and soon you can offer to host her!

The blue socks are in their heel phase, with one heel on needles and almost done, and the other awaiting it's heelectomy. So naturally since my blue sock heel is on sock needles, that is when my lovely dear Rowanberry decides to pull the needles out of the knitted cotton and elastic stitches so that she can knit. And then when admonished for said needle removal with a "Bad Girl!" (I was tired and it was late and I have much more experience with dogs and cats than with children), she looked at me like 'AS IF', grinned and giggled, before diving for the knitting again.....This is after getting herself tangled up in the ba' of yarn earlier in the evening that required both DS and I for extraction. (ba' is babyish for anything round and interestingly fun to play with, usually by throwing it wherever).

I am so in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Did I mention that she's not even 15 months old yet? But, hey, at least Rowanberry wants to knit and spin, unlike Bro who has the attention span sufficient to make less than half a Knifty Knitter newborn size of stitches.

Speaking of spinning, I am doing this....empowered as I am by my 3 days locked up with Judith MacKenzie MacCuin. That is COTTON, on a WOOL wheel. Those of you who spin know of which I speak. But I am doing it.

On the left are the singles spun from the punis on the right. On the punis from the bottom up are a 2-ply, 3-ply and cable yarn. The fiber itself I believe is some cotton that Kristin gave me, having despaired of ever having being able to spin it.

She is even now preparing herself for knitti-kari. We will mourn her well, even as we divvy up her stash and wheels.

So of course, now that I am conquering this fiber, I am thinking about digging out every bit of cotton in the stash which includes the fiber similar to what is on the wheel that I plan to ply with this, the recycled blue jeans cotton, and the organic cotton that I tried to dye.

(You should know that organic cotton effectively does not dye, but does darken nicely the moment it comes into contact with soda ash)

Chocolate and Raspberries asked what yarn the blue sock yarn is. It is Collection Esprit from elann for 2.75. If you order some, let me know because I want a few more balls myself, so that I can knit my summer sock wardrobe, since the white peds all somehow wind up in DS's drawers.

I almost forgot to mention that I may be getting a new wheel....a Louet this time. Kristin has spent the last few days doing the Holy Dance of Vindication that I who have tried very hard but not so well to hide my disdain for the Louet direct drive wheels am in fact considering the very same. I am getting it for novelty yarns, because my lovely Minstrel just does not have the hooks for it. And if I tried to change them, I am almost positive that I would have to buy a new flyer due to destruction of said hooks. Also she is just too delicate. I need a man around to spin those larger yarns with dangley bits. So naturally I thought of Louet.

Finally, I have today photocopied my boss's sweater because it has this really cute edging that zig zags back and forth. I also plan to write a letter to Xerox that their Document Center is ideally suited to knitter's purposes, and in fact will photocopy clearly enough to find the hole in knit fabric up to and including gauge of 17 sts to the inch. I am sure they will change their entire marketing plan accordingly and then hire me as their head of Marketing and Advertising, paying me a huge sum of money to do so.

But don't worry, I won't forget the little people. And when I write up a chart for the pattern, I think that I will post it here as an exclusive.

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