Thursday, June 22, 2006

A new look coming soon!

I am taking two weeks of vacation starting tomorrow. Now those of you who know me, you also know that most of my computing is done at the office, not at home.

In fact those of you who work on computers, know that once you are home, that's it. There is no more computing, unless I really have to get something done....!

So starting the evening of Friday I am on a total computer blackout. Well, not total, but it sounds good no?

and just because you are all dying to know, I have a list of the stuff I will be doing on vacation....Yes, a list, but only because DH asked for it, and I always do what he asks me to do!

So here is the list:

House Projects

  1. Rearrange/organize the study, including using the bins, clearing the top of cases so that it looks nice and figuring out how to keep the space a bit neater….because it’s the first thing people see when they walk into the house. This should be no more than half a day.
  2. Clean up Living room….big pile of stuff that needs to be taken care of. No more than half day.
  3. Replace at least the bathroom faucet, and decide whether to hire out the kitchen or do ourselves. Half day
  4. Re-organize the sewing room and make it safer for Rowan to sleep in there….I also want to start her napping in there, so she gets used to it. I will need the time to do this, and will probably need to put all the bins in the living room while I re-organize. Part of this may involve culling magazines for instance.
  5. Put away the big bins in the master bedroom in attic, along with toddler play station. This could be done now.
  6. Replace blinds in family room because they are falling apart.
  7. Clear rocks from back into side yard
  8. Posts in back, and at least one crossbeam for Rowan’s swing, possibly dig out the patio area in preparation for sand and stones.
  9. Finish planting under maple in front, it still looks a bit raw.

    Creative projects
  10. Finish quilts that are in progress, and make quilt for Brynn’s room as I think that this will free up space in sewing room. Potentially I could free up a bin that right now has quilting stuff.
  11. Dye yarn for business and post on sites
  12. Generally spend time spinning and knitting
  13. Get out the knitting machine and make some summer sweaters on it to use up some of the yarn I have…..
  14. Make new template for blogs
  15. Teach Peter how to blog?? Maybe a daddy blog??
  16. Make new blog/website for business or on etsy/ebay

    Personal Health
  17. Take vitamins everyday-have not been doing this
  18. Take shower everyday- have not been doing this
  19. Swim everyday with and without kids
  20. Take naps
  21. Generally restore my own health so that I don’t have PVCs, as well as get started so that momentum can carry me through when I return to work
  22. Dentist appointment Tues 1pm

Really exciting stuff, ain't it? But hey DH has now said that he will call his two buddies about the backyard and maybe get them to help build it! So I might actually have some shade in my back yard.

And you notice #14, of course? Yep, that's right a new template for the blog, thus the not total blackout of the blog. So you all can look for the new look coming in July!

And knowing me, if something extraordinary occurs while on vacation, i will post it anyway!

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Have a great vacation!!!