Monday, February 27, 2006

Weddings Suck!

Okay, this really has nothing to do with knitting which is our theme that runs through it, but I had to post.

I hate weddings.

Don't get me wrong, dear reader, the institution of marriage itself is a fine one in which two people can be the best that they can be, and is one in which I define myself as well.

But getting there is the problem. Stay with me....

Couples spend oodles of money that they don't always have to have the day of their dreams, including dresses, halls, favors, people, etc, all the trappings of wedding bliss. But let's not lose sight of the fact that these trappings are not for the couple but for everyone else.

Then all the guest are obligated to purchase a wedding gift that may not be appreciaited, and I understand that in parts of the world, the guest needs to determine the price per head of the attendance at said wedding and exceed that with the monetary value of their gift that may not be appreiciated.

Then the Guest has to determine what to wear, and purchase it for the wedding, which Guest will wear once. Invariably the Guest is uncomfortable in said attire due to lack of comunication or adherence to established formality protocols....i.e. winter weddings more formal, and evening weddings the most formal of all.

Guest also has to find a place to put the children, since children as members of society are frequently NOT welcome at what should be a family event. And this when we all know that there will be kids at the wedding due to the whole ringbearer/flower girl side of the wedding equation.

I won't even speak to the travelling to the wedding thing, engaging accomodations, etc etc.

Now, what prompted this might you ask? You got it. A wedding. How did you guess?

My Rock's Surinamese friend wed this past Sunday at a wedding that was pulled together in less than two months, which meant that we got three weeks notice. Luckily the Surinamese and Philipinos place a premium on family and so we were not forced to farm out the child units so that we could attend.

But it did mean that I had to find something to wear. Now you should know that my wiehgt has been out of my own control for some time now, and about 6 months ago I completely gave up any semblance of same. And so naturally, I have Nothing To Wear. Honestly. Everything is what I have for work, wherein I have also given up.

I was forced to go shopping for clothes that won't fit and I will only wear once as my weight control thing will become a new reality soon.

Macy's was a bust. Penney's was a bust. Do they really think the women at that size have flat stomachs and small busts??!

Kohls' was okay. I stocked up on casual clothes for spring with some interest, and then proceeded to buy a burnout blouse to wear over a tank top. It should be noted that the blouse was still too small, but I swas at that point beyond caring.

The single redeeming factor of this wedding was that I got about 10 rows done on my sock, while drunk.

Oh, did I mention that Weddings Suck?