Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We are doing the cabling event for the Olympics!

The royal we, that is.

We decided to knit the cabled poncho, and since the instructions are in knitting gibberish a la 'easy knitting' style, spent several hours charting them last night on the laptop use Stitch and Motif Maker.

I now have two lovely charts for the two cables used in the pattern, and the yarn is ready. To be fair, I do need a pair of needles, it calls for 10.5 and I really want to knit with straights for a while then switch to circs. Not sure why, but it works. Who am I to argue?

So last night I tried casting on, ans knitting a bit but decided to rip it out. I need to have a thingee to hold the chart and my place in it.

Off to the Olympics!