Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Olympics.....project

Okay, the Knitting Olympics are coming and I have not decided on a project. Mind you I already have a number of projects on the needles that I have just recently started, and my natural inclination is to finish all 4 of them by Friday before casting on another project during the opening ceremonies.

I am torn between two ideas: a cable poroject, which I have been playing with, or a color project, which I am dying to try, which probably means that I will foul it up so bad that I will be totally unable to continue, and will be the only knitter out of thousands incapable of making it past training.

I am not good at this training thing. As you can see, I am quite good at identifying the shortfalls, the things that could go wrong, but not so good about finding the half-full glasses. Occupational hazard I am afraid.

So the cable project would be the Knit It poncho from 2005, where you knit a long strip of braided cables, pick up stitches on the long edge and then knit the poncho from the bottom up. Cool, challenging, a project on my list anyway.

The color project looked like it might be the KISS bag by Sally Melville, but then I would have to buy more yarn, which I really cannot consider after looking at my sewing room, wherein Hurricanes have apparently come to roost for the winter. So then I started to think about the socks that I have just cast on with Wildfoote yarn, and was thinking that I could in fact do in Mosaic, as a prelude to Fair Isle or Intarsia.

I even posted on KR for people to vote. One person voted for color. That's it. I am starting to think that really no one cares at all what I knit....Anyway, does not really matter since I am not doing it for anyone, just for me!

I may also look for some other possible projects. Maybe GrandmaHatter has some suggestions....