Saturday, February 18, 2006

Team Ceallach update....

Team Ceallach seems to be lagging a bit due to several ahem delays and false starts. They have now had to cast on no less than 4 or 5 times, after swatching unsuccessfully.

Oh the humanity, crosses and twists are flying everywhere.
Knits and purls are landing all askew resulting in some less than interesting results.

But look at that, John, Team Ceallach is coming up along the outside, with 3.5 repeats of the ten necessary for the bottom portion of the poncho, before picking up along that one edge and knitting to the finish. What do you think, Charlsie?

Well, Joe, Team Ceallach got a slow start indeed, and there's the adequate yarn issue too to think about, but there are still 6 days to this year's Knitting Olympics which means that it can be done!

Charlsie, what adequate yarn situation?

Well, John, Team Ceallach fell into the yarn enough pitfall, where the knitters think they have enough, but then realize that they do not. In this instance, I overheard Team Ceallach talking about needing not just one but possibly two extra skeins of yarn, with none to be found in their county. With only 6 days left, they need to rustle up 2 skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky in Fisherman locally as there is not enough time for shipping. It will be tight, but even if this team does not finish the event, it was still a good showing. Back to you, John.

Thanks, Charlsie, and may I say that that is a lovely Fair Isle shawl that you are wearing this evening. And now we go to the USA Shawl team......