Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lenten Sockrafice

Having naturally overindulged at Stitches West, Christmas and the Joann's that are liquidating their inventory in favor of the new superstore opening in town, I am starting to think about Lent, and the spirit of fasting or sacrfice that traditional follows the over-indulgence of Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, or whatever you want to call that complete abandonment of all morals resulting in dancing half naked in the streets.

Well okay, maybe we are not all dancing naked in the streets, but admit it, if you are not dancing naked, you really want to, but are having trouble with the fastenings on your clothing and can't get them off.

And wherein some of you have noted and indeed questioned my byline on Knitter's Review:

Going to Hell for buying sock yarn during Lent....

I thought that some Lenten Sockrafice might be appropriate....and of course any event of this nature needs some rules:

You must fast. That means no yarn purchases for forty days and forty nights. It's okay, really. The yarn in your stash will keep you afloat in the world.

You must sacrifice. To knitters of course this means that you need to knit at least one thing for someone else, and then give it away before Easter. Really we are talking about charity here, not something for the family. It needs to be something given to someone less fortunate.

You can have one slip up, but you have to plan for it. No impulse slip ups. This means that you can make one purchase of yarn during Lent. For me that means that when the fun fur drops to 1 dollar at my local Jo'ann's, I will stock up.

Finally, you must knit from the stash. The more the better. Maybe there should be points for different kinds of projects. Hmmm, I shall cogitate and let you know.

So comment in here if you are sockraficing with me!

Disclaimer: any resemblance to actual Lent is purely coincidental, as anyone who knows me, knows that I ain't real religious. Any offense real or imagined on a reader part is certainly unintended!