Thursday, December 29, 2005

Little Red Riding Hood

So the latest project with character is Little Red Riding Hood.

Many moons ago, I got some Patons' Brilliant in Red. Now those who know me, know that I don't do red. Or pink for different reasons. I got Red to make little slippers for the baby who has dark hair, and apparently looks pretty good in red, although her grandmother and I are not agreeing on how well she looks in the red. (When all else fails, disagree with the grandmother on the degree of something, even if you do agree on the general this case, whether she looks good in red. It is important, after all, to have disagreements with people in the course of our lives. Otherwise, life is dreadfully BORING. My friend, GrandmaHatter, will understand. However, while she is not a grandma, she is mad like a hatter.)

As we all know, when you buy yarn for a particular project, it is inevitable that by the time you get to knitting with it, the idea that you bought it for, will NOT be the one that you ultimately use it for. So, with that in mind, the slippers are no more, and now we are making Little Red Riding Hood.

Now I have made hoods before, and I did start the process out with just the Brilliant, but then ripped back since it would not be warm. Then I added in some Red KnitPicks Palette to the mix for warmth. (BTW I am liking the Palette, it is very soft, but 100% wool.) I proceeded to knit the hood and the collar for said hood on size 6 needles, and then ripped all back due to dissatisfaction attributable partly to making the hood for the purposes of a design to be submitted for various purposes. Now that this hood is my entree to the design world, of course it needs to be better, grander, more than it did previously.

But no pressure.

So now we are reknitting Little Red Riding Hood's flipping hood for the 3rd time, which is more than a little bit frustrating, on size 11 needles in a different stitch pattern. I must say that the old adage about three being the charm seems to be operating quite nicely here. The stitch pattern is showing off the sparkle of the Brilliant, while resulting in a hood that is not quite so tightly knit in hood #2, and warmer than hood #1, while having an openness that will not result in my daughter (aka Red Riding Hood) sweating so much that she felts said hood on the first wearing.

It also seems that said hood may in fact wind up being the right size for Little Red Riding Hood after all.

Pardon me, I am off to cast on a straight jacket in which my husband can strap me into at the end of days like this. Think of it, no knitting while giving myself lots of hugs.....after all, one must love oneself first....or so I have heard.

La la la la.....