Friday, July 23, 2010

Crashed and burned

So yesterday I had a minor surgery. As always there's a story.

Y'all probably know that I have a thing for swimming. Especially if you're connected to me on Facebook.

So you may not know that for the last 12-18 months, I have had a white mark on my back that won't tan. Heck, some of you won't know that I can in fact tan. Suffice it to say, the white spot on my back was a concern....The Rock was asked to examine and said there was a bump under the skin. Over 18 months, the bump got bigger and I got me to the physician. Redheads and things on skin don't mix.

Off to the doctor I go. Doc says, yep, I know what it is, harmless, we could remove but it would be elective. Oh, yeah, sometimes they get infected. So he refers me to cosmetic Dermatology for the removal.

While I wait for the Dermatology department to call, the damn things bursts under the skin and gets inflamed. So Memorial Day Weekend, I am at the doctor again, yep, inflamed, infected, here's some Sulfa to take the infection down and a surgical appointment to get it removed.

Two days later I report for what is supposed to be surgery, but turns out to be a consult. So I get to my consult anxious and nervous about being cut into. ( I don't care for doctors much, because I have issues with their God complexes.) So long conversation with the excellent and compassionate surgeon, who also refers me to the Dermatology department for a discussion re: skin cancer risk. A week later, I get on the surgical schedule.

So, do you see that this thing has netted me 4 doctor appointments, when they could have taken care of it at the get go??

So yesterday I had it removed. The surgeon was excellent and chatted with me the whole time. I just wish that she had told me that the anesthetic had a stimulant in it, as pixelpurl suspects.

Why? is the reader's part.

Well, those of you who know me IRL probably know that I don't take stimulants. Yup, no coffee, no caffeine, no drugs. No stimulants at all. And you also know that my response to the coffee question is:

Have you ever seen a lemur on caffeine?

Lemurs are cute Madagascar primates. At the zoo they can be seen to be running around alot in the trees and on the ground. They're high energy for the most part. Picture them after a cup of coffee. I'll give you a moment. Yeah.

So now you know why I don't use stimulants.

So yesterday I get home from this appointment and after an bit, I am literally shaking. And then I crashed. Hard. I worked gently through my day and was asleep by 9pm.

Oh, yeah, and the doctor wanted to give me some narcotics too. Bless her heart.

Anyway, the procedure went well, I am a little hungover today, and not in a lot of pain, despite the way the doc laid it out. Turns out I really did not need narcotics.

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zippiknits said...

good lord!

I'm glad that you stayed ON the ball and kept after the docs to get that thing off your body!

My daughter had a huge melanoma taken off last summer. She's a red head. Hugs, Kel...