Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fabulous and getting better!

A friend of mine from the day-yob once told me that this is how her father answers the How are you? question, that I always have trouble with....can't lie, can't tell the truth, what's a girl to do??

But today started out fabulous and just got better....

Imagine my surprise to find out that I am a confirmed author for the Green Non-Profits Handbook by email this morning, after I had decided that it was not going to pan out...  So yay for a good writing opportunity.  

Then I went to the outdoor pool for the first time in months....and swam.  The water was wonderful and warm and it felt great to be in it.   The best part is that I decided that it would be good to swim about 1000 yds, but then decided a mile would be good.  When I got to a mile, I decided that I was so close to a 2K that I would just do it.  I got to the 2K and still felt like I could go another 1K, but decided to get out instead and not overdo it.  

What a difference a spot of sun can make.    Today it gave me an extra kilometer.....

So you could say, give me an inch and I take a mile.....and you'd be right!

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