Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The doctor called....

And he says it's really bad this time.  You guessed it, I have startitis again.

On the needles at the moment, I have:  

Vebjorg-an Elsebeth Lavold cardigan.  I have the back and sleeves done and am now working on the part with the knitted knotted bits.   It's not going well. 

A hooded hoodie for Little Hill, in red Cascade 220 SW.  The hood is halfway done, the rest, not so much. 

I just cast on for Mermaid, by Hanne Falkenberg, last night.  I cast this on because work is getting a bit more challenging and suddenly knitting a patterned whatsit on the commute train does not seem a good idea.  Garter Stitch, that's the ticket!

And I have a new version of my own Camisoul on the needles, done in Waikiki.  I got the boob parts done and then winter struck California and suddenly the prospect of making a tanktop was not quite so interesting.  Go figure.  

Oh, yeah and a little cropped sweater on the needles, due to a yarn quantity challenge.  Thank goodness, Stitches West is THIS WEEKEND.   So I might just finish something in the near future.

So that makes 5 sweaters on the needles at the moment.  Part of me wants to be really quite bad and cast on a bunch more, just in case. 

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