Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Desperate Knitting

Do you ever find yourself knitting crazy desperately?

I am knitting crazy desperate because of stress and because there was a shooting not two miles from my house. Some psycho had went after his wife who had left him for the abusive batard he was and he wanted to kill her and their three kids.

Instead he killed a local STAND! Volunteer and a police officer and then was gunned down like a mad dog.

I am working with STAND! To do some volunteer work and it turns out that the cop used to work at my old yob.

And I had to call a friend to make sure it was not another friend he was gunning wasn't thank god.

Is it any wonder I am knitting crazy desperately?


Bezzie said...

EEek. That's never fun crap to deal with. We had a crazy domestic homicide go down at the Y a few months ago. Boyfriend shot his girlfriend right there in front of the guppy swim class kids. How awful!

Batty said...

You need some desperate knitting, a big mug of either hot milk or camomille tea, and a big hug and a blankie. Seriously, that's so scary.