Monday, August 04, 2008


Think back to last week wherein our writer whinged and moaned about clothes and the way that she looks in them at the moment and being unable to find a good pant to save her, well, you know.

Fast Forward to Saturday afternoon wherein she located not 1 not 2, but 4 excellent lengths of fabric for well-fitting pants. Note that said lengths were navy, black, rust and a lovely neutral pinstripe plaid with a green streak in them.

Said green streak will work quite nicely with the green sweaters that are fair to bursting out of our heroines closet which has somewhat more room of late.

The future is a bit brighter as a result of the prospect of the wearing of the green. Now if only our heroine might find the time to sew them up....naturally she must sew things in the order that they are cut, not because sewing uncut pants is a bit challenging, but because too many cut things lead to chaos.

(Chaos is bad.)

But also because our heroine is fresh out of navy blue thread. The current cut things are navy blue, and while having been serged to within an inch of their last thread, finishing will require navy blue thread. Of which, there is none in the market today. Not even for ready money.

Perhaps our heroine will kill two pants with one spool of thread by walking to the big Taj Mahal of Fabric in SF to....

buy a spool of navy thread.

(Note that our heroine will not go for a walk to reduce her cholesterol and body weight, but will apparently go the end of Sutter St for navy blue thread.)

Oh, the irony.

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Zanne said...

CK, dahling, I nearly choked on this. Too funny. Congrats on finding the fabric, and finding the will to sew. Good luck on your quest for navy thread. Send some sewing mojo this way - I have a machine that has yet to find good use.