Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life intervenes sometimes

Y'all have noticed that I have not been blogging much lately. I thought that I would do a quick update for everyone, so that they know that I am alive, hale and hearty....

The business is cooking along, and there will be some changes this month to the way it's done, keep an eye out for those. I will send an announcement to the mailing list when the changes are done, so be sure that you are on it. Registration is here for the mailing list:

Ceallach Dyes Mailing List

I am spending most of my time, dyeing for my book, and getting very generous help from Janet at Pixel One Purl Two on the photography....the daisy and lavender pic on yesty's entry is from my garden. The manuscript is with editor for her probably and hopefully not so tender ministrations, while I do the dyeing, some of which is experimentation at this point, but off we go.

The new day job is going fairly well, although I tire of the baggage from the last two showing up at the oddest and most awkward moments. This too shall pass, yes?

The Rock is quitting the night job as he has been treated like dirt on shoe there, and I tire of my dear husband coming home humiliated by managers who could not manage their way out of a paper sack. He has a freelance copyediting job lined up that he can do from home, which may replace the salary, but will also allow us to have some family time, which has been totally lacking for 4-5 years in our house. We plan on doing some home improvements, which have been totally neglected.

As a result of everything going on, I no longer knit at home, but rather on the train two days a week, that allows me 2 hours on commuting days....that is really good, and I have gotten a lot of work done on Cheryl Oberle's Kasai Vest in the last few weeks, which is a great pattern, because you do 3-5 rows of pattern, and then 2 rows of plain stockinette. I tend to get one repeat done on each train trip, which is really gratifying. And I am focussing on one knitting project at a time right now also, because I find that I can see the progress easily. I just did the steeks for the armholes on the vest last night, and so should see the progress speed up a bit with 60 fewer stitches, so the end is in sight.

So I hope that all are well, and the knitting is good.

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Bezzie said...

Glad to hear things seem to be chugging along!