Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fabulous news!

Sometimes the universe is looking out for you and serendipity assures you that she is alive and very well indeed.

That is what has happened this week. An old colleague of my husband's thought of him when an incredible opportunity arose in the amazingly exciting world of Arabic publishing....and it's perfect for DH. He would be a copy editor for a very old and illustrious publication that is going online, only the third edition in over 100 years.

He would be able to work at home part-time to full time as he is able with the kids, and at any hour of the day, and since the company that publishes it is located in Europe, he would be paid in Euros, which are converting $1.56 to 1 EUR, at the moment.

So we have an incredible opportunity, contract in hand, and I am just bursting, because it means that DH and I are finally realizing some of our dreams, and we will also be able to spend more time together if he is not working nights and weekends.

Can you say giddy?


Zanne said...

Such wonderful news! Between your new job and this for him, it sounds like things are falling into place. I'm so happy for you!

Bezzie said...


Linda said...

That is awesome!!!! Congratulations.