Friday, February 01, 2008

Ball Busters

Now, it has come to my attention that some of us have been collecting balls.

Of yarn.

Normally of course this would not be a problem. Many of us have big balls of yarns, that are new and exciting and full of promise.

(What WERE you thinking?)

But sometimes we find ourselves in the unenviable position of having small balls of yarn. Lots of them. Rolling around the house and just generally gettin' all in trouble and making a mess, leaving strands of yarn behind. I, for one, have a particularly annoying herd/flock/gaggle of 27 small balls running around the house. It is the remains of the Adagio shawl kit from C. E. Strick where you take 9 colors of yarn and do a gradated knitting project with the yarn tripled and change out the yarn periodically. The result is gorgeous. However, I was left with nearly a half pound of small balls which I had fenced in with little plastic bags.

I have a solution for you of course.- the Ball Buster 100. ***drum roll please***

The Ball Buster 100 is designed to reign in your small balls and make them more manageable. We will come back to that with clear directions on how to do this.

How does it work you ask? Well the first step is to gather your small balls into one place, enclosed with electric fences is best so that the rogue balls don't get away. At this point, your balls of yarn may get agitated and snarl up with the other balls. Not to worry, it will soon be over and it is completely painless.

Next, you will take 2 or 3 ends from some balls, and load them into the BB100.

Now carefully wind until one or more of those balls is completely gone, and then knot another ball onto the end. Continue in this way until all of the balls are gone.

You will now have something like this:

It looks like an ordinary ball of yarn you say? Well, until you flip it over and expose the soft underbelly, showing this.....a gorgeous single big ball of yarn with which to make your next project. The best part is that these larger balls are much more docile than the small balls and easier to transport.
So then you can knit or crochet to your delight, as you can see here, where I am starting a Mile a Minute will have ruffles and will use up dang near all of that big aforementioned ball above.

Naturally, not every herd of small balls will be easily managed by the BB100. Some herds will call for the Ball Buster 3000, which will easily subdue errant herds of many many more small balls into quite large balls, which again are more docile and easier to subdue.

Just look at the spindle on the Ball Buster that ladies and gentlemen is a work of sheer genius.....just think of the balls you can tame with this beauty.....

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