Friday, December 15, 2006

When good knitting goes bad.....

This post is dedicated to OldLadyPenPal, who has fired her knitting.

Sometimes, good knitting goes bad.

It starts out well enough. You cast on just like any other knitting project, join the round without twisted and off you go.

The knitting is full of potential....socks, a hat for that special someone, slippers to keep the feet warm in a cold winter.

But then somewhere along the way, the knitting turns bad.

In my case, it was the yarn that went bad. Technically, the yarn did not go bad, it went AWOL. I had originally purchased 2 skeins of Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn, and took one skein at least in my luggage to London on a business trip. I started the socks on that trip. At some point on the trip, I started the second sock, it might have been on the way home.

The yarn was looking a bit paltry by the time I got halfway up the foot of the second toe-up sock. I would definitely need the second skein to finish the socks. So I put the live stitches on waster yarn and wrapped them in a Sanitary Napkin Disposal baggie from the Radisson Edwardian Mayfair Hotel, and packed them away, pending finding the yarn.

Did I mention that the yarn was AWOL?

Missing in Action might be a better term for it. For all I know, that skein of yarn is happily tucked away somewhere in London next to my paperback novel that disappeared.

I have been through the stash repeatedly and No. Yarn.

I have searched the Internet for the colorway. No. Yarn.

I have now, 9 months later, abandoned all hope (Yes, I am of little faith that this yarn will ever appear.).

I had a completed sock, sans afterthought heel. I had a incomplete sock, also sans heel, and the teeniest of balls of yarn left.

I cogitated, I strategized, I procrastinated until finally, I picked up the sock and knit to the bitter end of the yarn. I then carefully compared the two cuffs and placing a needle into stitches at the halfway mark on the completed sock, I picked out the bind off and....

Ripped it all the way back to the needle.

Then I bound off that sock, and knit the rest of the cuff on the 2nd Sock.....used some other yarn for the heels and voila! I have prevailed.


Bezzie said...

I enjoy the hellish graphics there.

Impressive fix!!

OldLadyPenPal said...

Burn, baby, BURN!!!!

And it was not I who did the firing, it was I who was fired! For shame!

cpurl17 said...

I love your graphics too! I'm sad about the MIA yarn but you made some hot socks there!

Dreamy said...

Sad to hear about MIA yarn... I had a skein of regal silk that went missing during a road trip. I had it on one side of the Colorado river, but by the time we got to Blythe it disappeared. :( Months later I was going through bags that had been ripped through in a hurry looking for it (and the size 5s from my denise kit attatched)... and found my floppy hat, with the yarn inside. Yay! How it got in my hat, I have no idea. Lovely socks btw

LadyLungDoc said...