Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whatsa spinning me?

Here is the results of last week's spinning in no particular order.

First we have some yarn that was spun from a bag of fiber that I picked up at Lambtown. Five ounces of various merinos, including 2 solid merino tops, in aqua and peacock, one variegated merino top, one merino/silk blend top, and I think that there was even a Merino/tencel blend in there as well.

To spin it, I peeled the tops down to strips of 4 each, and made new top made up of the 5 strips, which I then attenuated a bit to help the top become homogeneous enough to spin easily, but not so much that the tops got lost in each other.

The whole time that I was spinning this, I was thinking socks, and Lo and Behold! I have enough for socks, with about 380 yards of sport or DK weight yarn!

And here is the plied cotton from the videos a few weeks back. I have been spinning this cotton for the longest time ever, mostly due to Littlest's fascination with the spinning wheel.

From left to right, there is 3 ply, one ply each of a natural pima cotton, a indigo blue cotton and a blue and white stripe cotton. It winds up looking like a just barber pole stripe of blue and white, but the second blue is there. Maybe I will take another close up of that yarn, or even try wrapping round a card and scanning the yarn instead of taking a photo. I have about 662 yds of the 3ply. Then there is the remains of the pima cotton coming to about 62 yds. Finally, a two ply of the indigo and natural....about 200 yds of that.

All told, there is enough for a summer shell, especially if I knit the body with the 3 ply, and straps with the 2 ply, and then crochet the edges with the natural. It could make a very nice shell, indeed.

I have cast on for the Fuzzy Feet from knitty.com using CP Iceland in colorway Ultramarine and am more than halfway through the first foot. It's huginormous.....but is going very quickly, which is nice because I soooo need some instant gratification.

One last word about Littlest and the spinning wheel. As mentioned in previous posts and even in this one, she is fascinated by the wheel, wanting to stop the drive wheel, touch the yarn on the bobbin through the flyer as it flies round to bite her tender digits. But you know what? She is getting it. She now understands that she has to be careful round the flyer. The Mistrel has a little doodah for lack of a better term on the side of the main support that can be taken off and replaced with a distaff, and she likes to grab it off and put it on and grab it off....well you get the idea. But now I am noticing that she is very careful to avoid the flyer now when playing with Katrina's doodah. Another funny thing that she is doing now is insinuating herself between the wheel and me to put her foot on the treadle with mine and grin at me......For those non-spinners, she is 'helping' me to treadle. And the last and best funny thing is when she climbs into my lap while I spin, settles down in the crook of my left arm which holds the fiber and helps me spin. She puts her fingers on the fiber and runs them up and down like she sees Mama do, but forgets to let go at the right time.....

A budding spinner? Maybe.


Bezzie said...

Hook them while they're young!! Beautiful handspun--I like the cotton best!

Janet said...

Yep,it sounds like you have a future spinner there!

I saw your comment on my blog. Getting together sounds like fun. Call me and say when.

Do you think we should be making personal plans via email? I check mine several times a day.

LadyLungDoc said...

Yep - pushers know that it's best to start them young!