Sunday, November 12, 2006

Littlest's other family

I don't talk about my kids much here, and photos even less and never straight on....I do that to protect them from the crazy people in the InterWeb.

But I wanted to show you Litttlest's other family.....her dolls. All have been made by Yours Truly, for varoious reasons which amount to because I could and because Littlest seems to enjoy them.

But even so, have you seen the dolls in the stores?? No soft baby dolls for little girls to carry there is Smart Ass Baby, TrampStamp Baby, Bratz, Pimpin' Baby, and Poopin' Baby. All of which are immediately appealing on so many levels!


And so I made her some simple dolls that she can tote different sizes with hair color that is meaningful to her and eye colors as well. Starting on the left, we have the first one....then the 2nd one on the right, and most recently, we made Fairy, which is stuffed with mohair......I have lots of mohair in a and silky but absolutely lovely for doll stuffing.


cpurl17 said...

Her dolls are so sweet! Good job, Mom!

Bezzie said...

What sweet dolls! I'd be interested on how you got that curly hair to stick.

I can't stand those Bratz dolls. I call them Hootchie dolls at my house.

OldLadyPenPal said...

We never had Bratz, never had slutty Barbies. I like your dollies so much. Almost as much as I like you.