Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have been Boo-ed!

My Spooky Pal package came last night.

Yay for Spooky Pals and SecretAgentSheepies!

And may I just say that she is Fantastic.....she knew that my kiddies would not let me look through the package without a little something-something for them. And sooo.....those things right on top are for them....a little vampire to suck their young blood, a ghost for Littlest, a pumpkin for Little Hill, and a variety of other little treats for the littles that were much appreciated.
Here is the package all laid out in its scary glory....A ball of softee yarn from GGH that was immediatley cast on for a scarf; a tall mug complete with cinnamon tea; some additional Hallowe'en treats, and some fiber in two unmarked bags. Now, I should say that this fiber is raw fleecey fiber, the cinnamon may be suri, and the white a huacaya alpaca....in my estimation anyway. And let's not forget snoopy and some bears, a mummy bear and a pumpkin bear, which Littlest absconded with to God knows where, saying, "baby baby baby".
Here is the cinnamon alpaca, on location in the combing studio....a.k.a the sidewalk. Notice the length of the staples....
And here is some combed. Can you say long fibers? Look how long that fiber is.....it's like 6-8 inches! Now, after combing a bit, I decided that I should wash it abit. Other folks don't mind spinning alpaca without washing, but alpacas like to roll in dirt and dust like horses.....and I don't like that in my yarn. So both bags of fiber went into the bath, and are now drying as we speak! I can't wait til tonight when they will be dry!

(Okay, I did get out the blowdryer last night, but you know the blowdryer doesn't work on alpaca either-just like my long hair....)

Thanks so much Secret Agent Sheep! but you know what, I don't know who you are! How crazy is that? I will have to investigate on the knitty board then to see what I can dig up on you!


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