Friday, November 17, 2006

I got Spin, Baby!

So I have been doing some spinning, which is not unusual for me in itself, except by virtue of being able to do so without the loving attention of Littlest who finds it very amusing to play with the moving parts of the spinning wheel....such as catching the drive wheel until it stops, trying to touch the fiber on the bobbin, regardless of the flyer rotating at high speeds round it, and playing with the fluff.

Me, not so much.

So here is some of my spin, baby.

From left to right:

a 3ply Gotland yarn.....I started with Gotland top from Susann in Dusseldorf (sorry, which key gives me an umlaut again?) and then added on some Gotland locks from the stash....the locks are much darker than the rest. This was Navaho plied.....

Some Suri alpaca from Spooky SP, of as yet undisclosed identity..... This is the very same alpaca as in the previous entries where I showed the combing.....

Some natural dyed fiber in the stash.....I think that the dyes were borage and indian corn. I love the ways the colors work together, but do not love the colors themselves, if that makes's been hanging round my stash for a while, and I am not even sure what the fiber was besides being the hair of the sheep that bit me....but there it is....spun very bulky and softly....I was thinking Noro when I spun it, but then copped out when it came time to ply.


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Sarah said...

Lovely spinning!

I have a stash of Gotland locks I need to spin up. I love the gray shade variations.

And alpaca! mmmm!