Sunday, August 27, 2006

Secret Pal, who are you?

Upon finally getting a chance to go through Yarn Yenta's list, I have narrowed the list of potential secret pals down to this list.....

*Left Coast Knits
Just Regular Folks
Knit Happens
Knit Kitty Knit
Knitter Navy Wife
Res Ipsa knit with her
The Knitting Ref
The Knitting Wounded
Yarn Spinner

I really have very little to go on, all I really know about this person is that she lives in CM, CA....Costa Mesa?

Although it did cross my mind that it would be really perverse if Left Coast Knitter was my pal, since we have known each other for a long time now.....My money is on the Knitting Ref, though.

In other news, I have been revealed by my own Secret Pal, Civil Bitch who posted on yesterdays' post.....Cheers to you, Shelly! It's been fun being your pal, but sad to see the many changes in your life these 3 months. Glad that J is home and not still in hospital with the dread MRSA....!


Left Coast Knitter said...

I am just your regular pal, not your secret one!

Anonymous said...

you are within striking range. i'm on your list, but not who think. soon. your package will arrive and you will figure it out. hope you like your goodies! (the box should be there tomorrow, but who can trust the post office 2-day priority mail??)

"two days?? ha! you think we mean two days from when you drop it off? no way man. we mean two days from when we pick your box up off the post office floor."