Thursday, July 13, 2006

My knitting bag-s

Here is the contents of my knitting bags....yes there is more than one. I have the comprehensive bag which is in a state, because everything gets thrown in there, but is empty except for this....That is a baby hat that I was going to submit to knitty for fall, or winter as the case now is.

Then we have the scarf in progress from the Frisky Flowers's crocheted, and that pattern asks for some funky crossover pattern that I lost patience with, ripped and began a simple trellis for the scarf. Flowers coming soon.

Now we have the current major project bag....with the smania sweater in side, which I have yet to complete, but realized upon inspection that I am down to 2.5 balls of yarn, which in sweater land is a significant milestone....both sleeves are knit, and the sweater needs like 1-2 inches of body before adding the sleeves and starting the neck. It may be completed in 2006. In the photo, you should also see the $5.25, the asia sunscreen SPF 130, an totally unrelated circular needle, a Knits subscription card, which now I am remembering has a new knitting group member's email, the clear plastic project bag in the upper left, a borrowed book on total selfconfidence top center and two small balls of yarn with which to crochet a cupcake for a pal who had a birthday I did not know about. ***drawing breath now***

And finally, my red prostitute bag containing various items which should be self-explanatory.

So there they are the chorus of knitting bags that I use.


Sachi said...

Thank you for visiting my silly blog and taking a look at my new baby. Part of my problem is that I absolutely understand what this wheel can do. I just have no idea how to do it all yet!!!

Heatherly said...

lol! i love the contents!

Sarah said...

Nice knitting bags!

I love your blog background btw...I've been there! Knowth and newgrange.

alliesw said...

Love seeing all your bags--glad to know I'm not the only one with so many! Beautiful blog, too...