Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ceallach dyes too!

I am happy to announce that the Ceallach Dyes blog is up! Just in case anyone thinks that I have been a total slacker in the fiber arena in the last few weeks, there is literally pounds of yarn here that has been dyed for your knitting pleasure.

Even better, there is new yarn p0rn on the site.....Check it out!

Of course, any interested parties can contact me about yarn that they may be interested in.

I have also added a link to Ceallach Dyes at the top of links on the left sidebar.


trek said...

Yay! A colorway named for me!

Looks very pretty.

cpurl17 said...

Those are some pretty colourways!!

(Notice I said colour as if I'm a cool European instead of a dorky gal from the East Bay.)

Ceallach said...

Yes, Trek, One of those skeins is coming your way! As soon as I have an unsubscribed moment to do a shipping label and all that other stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wow. So beautitful. The poppy is so rich and pretty. Where on earth do you find the time?
-Your Secret Pal