Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This Sock Moment brought to you by...

Well, who knows who this sock moment was brought to you by. Nevertheless, this is the current sock not to be confused with the socks on my feet, or those on yours. This the the OTN sock.

The yarn is Wildfoote by Brown Sheep and apparently one skein will make two socks, which is of course why I bought two skeins of it to make two socks, and the skein has a thingee of toe and heel re-inforcement tucked inside that I completely missed until I had knit past the heel of the sock(I am a toe-up girl, BTW). So I still have another skein of this that I guess I will have to sell on ebay, as the stash has evolved into a multi-cellular organism that can crawl around my sewing room by ITSELF. If I keep the yarn mass down, then I will be able to minimize the risk that it evolve right out of the sewing room and attack either my small children or the cats. I am less worried about the cats, since they are the natural predator for yarn, but small children don't really appreciate the dangers of Fully Evolved Stash or FES in fiber parlance.

Enough about the stash.

The cuff, if you look carefully has a 3X3 rib with an eyelet on the knit rib about every 3 rows. My own little thing that I put on, I pondered this quite a while, a bobble did not really work, which meant that an alternating bobble and eyelet rib was right out, and lace would not show up on the varied colors of the yarn. Oh heck, nothing shows well against the varied yarn, but I am trying things out!

Today the magazine of Canadian Guild of Knitters presents the FLiP aka the Fun Little Purse as the Knitting Pattern a day for April 12. The purse seems innocuous enough, but is photographed in what appears to be a rabbit cage, which is a bit odd. It's shown knitted, but would actually make a really cute felted purse with a flap.

Thank you for joining us for this Sock Moment brought to you by SA, Sponsors Anonymous.

On a completely different note, my friend Cecilia sent me this. Cecilia is closely tied with Right to Life, which leads to some interesting knitting group discussions. May you be blessed.

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