Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dead SoySilk Mutant!

Here Lies a dead

SoySilk Mutant

B. 2005

D. 2006

May it Knit in peace

Having likewise spun in peace.

But seriously, a lot is happening. I am going to London on business, which I did not want to do, but off I go on Friday to lovely Croydon for business meetings. I will arrive on Saturday afternoon, go to the hotel, rest a bit and then hit the town. I have managed to get onto a StoneHenge sunrise tour, with access to the actual stones before the visitor's center opens.

I also plan to visit loop in Islington, and stock up a bit on Rowan and Colinette at the rock bottom UK prices. Okay just so that everyone appreciates how low they are:

  • Giotto in the US is like 26.50 a skein
  • Giotto in the UK is 6.50 GBP a skein, or 13.00 dollars rough conversion to USD.

Big difference, isn't it?

I also am looking at BeSweet Magic balls....which are pricey, but having never seen one here, I may look and leap while there. Who knows?

Because I will be travelling and my phone don't work over there, I am afriad that I may not be blogging while there. Just the way it goes I am afraid. Of course, I will have my laptop, but may not have the time as things go, but if I do, I will post some at least by email, if not directly.

Annie's Attic had no joy today for me.

The calendar shows Opal Kid's Socks today in a rainbow colorway. Nothing too special, but felt I should mention. It's a basic ribbed sock, with a heel flap, and a round toe.

I have started the smania sweater, after a false start at the gate. Silly me, following the pattern without adjusting for my hems with the dropped stitch rib. But I prevailed and the first sleeve is on waste yarn, with the second sleeve on the needles. Two more rows and I drop the middle purl stitch in the rib pattern for the nice byzantine look that it provides. I am still not sure how far up the drop stitch rib will go on the hem, but I don't have to worry about that right this moment. My goal is to get the sleeves done before I get on the plane, so that I can just knit even on the body. I am thinking that since I will be travelling alone, that I will have lots of knitting time, and this sweater may be done by the time I leave and this is going pretty fast so far. I am also taking the Koigu kit, and enough yarn for one pair of socks. I may see about other yarn to take with me. Of course, I am planning to shop for yarn while I am there, so could just knit on that on the way back.

Ah Yes, the way back. How does one smuggle needles onto a plane in Heathrow? I have done it successfully in Dublin and Toronto. I think I will try to spread the needles around in my bags, and keep the needles and yarn separate. If the security folks ask, I will simply say that I don't trust the airlines not to lose my yarn. Not far from the truth actually.


Janet said...

Okay. So what is this and what is it going to be? Did you spin it yourself?

Ceallach said...

Yes, handspun....soysilk and california variegated mutant.

It will be dyed and then knit into something yet to be determined.