Thursday, April 13, 2006

Checking in....

Today I am checking in more than anything.

The neverending soysilk mutant is still on the wheel, although I am down to the last little bit of it. It may come to an end this evening and then to ply, perchance to dream.

The sock is still on the needles.

I have pulled out some cotton/acrylic yarn called Fiddle Dee Dee in a soft lavender to make a little jumper for DD. For you Brits, that is jumper in the American sense making it a dress with buttons and shoulderstraps.

Today, I went to Joann's grand opening for the new superstore here with my boss, who also knits. I found some really cute applique butterflies that I plan to incorporate.

Today's calendar pattern is the Light As Air scarf courtesy of Draw-Strings. Quite a simple pattern, but makes a nice-ish scarf.

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