Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Price of Prism

Okay, you know that yarn by Prism called Wild Stuff or Cool Stuff that is like 95$ a skein? The price is outrageous right?

Ah, but that may not be the case. I have always thought that too, even as I lusted after it for years, until Left Coast Knitter turned me onto a sale of the stuff wherein it was only 68$ a skein.

I bought two.

So now I am knitting a lovely poncho out of it and as I got ready to wind the second skein, noticed the label. (Yes, it is sad that I noticed the label 300 yards into the project. )

It said roughly:

Wool, Mohair, et al.
300 yards
Approx 6-8 ounces.

Yes, that is right, 6-8 ounces.

Which means that it is like 4-6 skeins of almost any other yarn. With that in mind, I present you the following:

1 full skein of Prism at 300 yards = 4 skeins of a yarn with 75 yards at $25 a skein
1 full skein of Prism at 300 yards = 6 skeins of a yarn with 50 yards at $16.30 a skein

How many of us would buy a ball of yarn at those prices?

Okay, now....

Prism is basically a whole bunch of yarns tied together into a cohesive whole. In my skeins, there are at least 12-15 different yarns together. Now if you buy 12-15 skeins of yarn, the price adds up:

12-15 skeins of various novelties (and we will go with the cheaper ones) is going to cost you between 5 and 10 dollars a skein. We will split the difference, and call it $7.50. You are looking at between 90 and a 118 dollars total for those novelties. And the 12-15 different yarns is probably underestimating the actual different yarns in Stuff!

Prism is looking cheaper by the moment! How else will you get constant entertainment for your knitting, by changing yarn at every row.

Now I don't feel so guilty about my purchase. In fact I got a great deal!